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Glass For Homes

Glass brings together a range of benefits that enhance the residential space. It provides light, transparency, summer comfort, aesthetics and UV protection, all of which translate into homes that score on form as well as function.

Saint-Gobain's range of solar control glass, tinted glass and clear glass are ideal for use across the home. Trendy and stylish, these glasses come with several functional advantages as well.

Clear glass from Saint-Gobain brings clarity that is the best in its class, while tinted glass adds to the aesthetics with its attractive shades.

Solar control glass for windows, canopies and skylights helps control heat penetration and allows optimum daylight to enter the interiors. It also provides summer comfort, UV protection besides saving on electricity cost.

With an exhaustive range for windows, canopies, skylights, balustrades, balconies and staircases, Saint-Gobain's glass ideally suited, from both the aesthetic and functional point of view.


Glass for Windows significantly adds to the comfort, lighting and aesthetic appeal of homes. Saint-Gobain has a range of glasses for windows, like solar control glass, clear glass and tinted glass.


Solar control glass for canopies provides the twin benefits of solar control with optimum light transmission. Laminated glass used in canopies, ensures safety in the case of a breakage.


Glass roofs are a vital source of daylight, replacing the need for artificial lighting. With the use of laminated glass, skylights provide safety during breakage.


Glass balconies can be used to provide unobtrusive vistas even while serving as a protective shield. Saint-Gobain has a range of glasses that can be toughened and used for balconies.


Glass for staircases creates a contemporary and sophisticated look in the interior space. Whether transparent or translucent, glass creates a fresh look and feel on staircases.


Balconies, balustrades and staircases demand toughened glass so as to prevent breakage from the stress of weight. Saint-Gobain provides a range of glasses that can be toughened as per your requirements.