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Commercial Glazing

Saint-Gobain Glass India’s range of solutions for commercial glazing provides solar control, thermal insulation and better acoustics.

Saint-Gobain also provides project support through its certified network of fabricators, and design support to architects for their upcoming projects.

Facade Glazing

Glass balances light, transparency and appearance with the practical functions of thermal insulation, solar control, safety and security, acoustic insulation, fire protection, etc.

Project Solutions

Saint-Gobain is committed to the creation of habitats that are not only futuristic, but sustainable as well. In its endeavor towards the same, Saint-Gobain works in close collaboration with the architectural community.

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Glass Solutions is a class of glass that is especially designed for futuristic architecture. Built in with state-of-the-art technology, these glazing solutions elevate the aesthetic appeal of a building to new levels.